Data Design & Application


Creation, Migration & conflation

GSS has been involved in a variety of data creation projects, such as wetland and stream delineation and classification. These processes require a variety of technical skills, including aerial photography interpretation and the evaluation or manipulation of collateral datasets. Along with have knowledge and expertise on Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) standards,we can easily tailor data creation standards and protocols to meet our partner's needs and be integrated into existing databases.

Conversion, Management & Preparation

In recent years, the demand for data that is accessible online or in digital format has increased exponentially. If your organization has information that is only available in “hard-copy” or in an older digital format that is no longer efficient, GSS can help you convert that information into a more accessible digital format. Our project experience includes orthorectifying and georeferencing hard-copy aerial photography, upgrading tabular databases, and scanning and organizing historical hard-copy reports/research files.

Analysis & Modeling

If your organization gathers data but needs assistance with analysis or utilization of that data to aid in decision making, GSS can help. We have experience working with both geospatial and tabular data in a variety of formats. Our team has created customized, query-able databases to streamline data entry and access.

GIS technology allows for the visualization, integration, and comparison of multiple data sources to allow for a better understanding of on-the-ground situations. For example, GIS layers showing existing vegetation cover, water sources (e.g., streams, ponds), and wildlife survey results could be overlaid to identify areas most suitable for protection as wildlife reserves. GSS has used a similar approach to create a wilderness character map and to identify and prioritize potentially restorable wetlands.